Welcome to our linkshell website.

Rise is an european based linkshell that covers most of the endgame activities.

Event times are as follows:

Monday: Einherjar + WoE 21:00
Tuesday: Abyssea + Random 21:00
Wednesday: Dynamis 21:00
Thursday: Einherjar + WoE 21:00
Friday: Abyssea + Random 21:00
Saturday: Free
Sunday: Dynamis 21:00

Times are subject to change due to HNM windows, but we always try to respect this schedule.

LS Rules

First and foremost: Behavior

Manners in Rise is what we care about most, you'll never fall in anyone's green book if you're an ass, you'll never be liked by anyone if you're a douche, and of course, you'll NOT be accepted in Rise if your attitude is that of an idiot.

As a member of Rise, you are to respect and treat every other member like a teammate, racism and criticism in serious manner will not be tolerated, if noticed happening, said member will be warned, if noticed happening again, said member will be completely removed from the linkshell. Remember, we're all under one shell, one sky, if no one is planning to co-operate, then we shouldn't even begin, picture it like you're home and we're your other family.

Rise's main language will be English, each and every member should be able to at least get his/her point across through the English language so we can communicate and work together. Also, English will be the ONLY language used during events and fights, no other language will be allowed in green/blue chat.

Second: Pearl

Once received, you are to put and keep Rise pearl on all the times you're online, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, IF.. -IF- there's some kind of emergency, then you have to go to one of the leaders and ask for permission, once gotten, you'll be allowed to temporarily equip another pearl.

P.S.: This includes all kinds of pearls.

Third: Interacting with other shells

Our shell, as a whole will definitely respect the Endgame scene, as we're trying to enjoy what fun FFXI provides us through endgame scene, we'll meet and compete against other linkshells, we, as a shell will keep this competition clean and no dirty moves or anything of that sort. Every member has to abide to this.

Also, should any drama occur in /say chat or /shout chat, NO member is allowed to reply or talk without permission from a leader, ONLY.. and I mean ONLY leaders are allowed to reply or talk to other shells in /say or /shout. Take this with a little bit of sense.

Fourth: Rise's focuses and goals

Our main goal is obviously dominating and owning the Endgame scene, that doesn't mean disrupt what other linkshells find enjoying, but competing in the endgame scene, what we call Endgame scene includes the following:
1- Zilart Kings (Fafnir/Nidhogg, Aspidochelone, King Behemoth)
2- ToAU Kings (Khimaira, Cerberus)
3- CoP Wyrms (Tiamat, *Jormungand, *Vrtra) *Optional, will do on special days for enjoyment
4- Dynamis (All areas including Dreamlands)
5- Einherjar and Odin
6- Sea Jailers from T1s to Jailer of Love and possibly Absolute Virtue
7- VNMs and ZNMs (Planned on certain days decided by leaders)
8- Ouryu and Bahamut
9- KS99 (Planned on certain days decided by leaders)

When we're gathering and getting ready for one of the events from above, you are required to show up to the designated area with the right job(as directed by a leader) and equipment before the starting time by AT LEAST 15 minutes.

Showing up late might be forgiven once.. twice.. maybe three times, but if continues and continues, you'll be warned, and then kicked if noticed happening again.

Fifth: Drop Management

How Rise is going to decide what items we get and give is based on Leaders. How this will happen is as the following: all leaders gathered at said event will gather in a single chat through MSN or Ventrilo and discuss who should get what, the decision and discussion of 4 people should have a very very low chance of being unfair. IF.. IF we noticed favoritism or preferring certain members over others, said leader will be warned and stripped leader status, and will be replaced if needed.

Trust me when I say that EVERY item we get in our treasure pool will go to people who are rightful to it.

Also, Patience.. have Patience, we can't give everyone everything in 1 day, through time.. each will get what he wants, and hopefully we satisfy everyone's needs in gear and fun.

Sixth: Warnings and Removals from Rise

We will issue warnings to members who ignore the rules above, I assure you that every leader will keep an eye out on everyone's actions whether they were good or bad, if a member was noticed ignoring a rule, be it ANY rule, they will be brought up in a leader meeting, and the punishment will be decided there, it could be just a warning, it could be an immediate removal, or it could be just a single discussion letting said member know what he did was wrong and should fix it.

List of matters we'd warn or immediately kick a member for:
1- Any kind of MPK attempts (Flailing wyrms, bringing NMs to certain HNMs and so on..)
2- Any kind of criticism toward other linkshells due to their play style.
3- Any kind of disobeying to leaders from respect to following an order.
4- Publicly embarrassing our linkshell by filling the chat log with /emotes and /say chats.
5- Teaming up with another shell without permission from leaders. Note: Helping is another case.

Seventh: Linkshell Ranks

Rise will consist of 3 Ranks:

1- The Main Leader of the linkshell.
Roles: Keep the linkshell organized and well-shaped, keep other leaders in shape, keep members in order and dealing with general linkshell matters, setting up rules and taking care of the pearl overall, with additions to leading events and deciding drops.

2- The Sub-Leaders of the linkshell.
Roles: Leading events and helping in making a successful leadership environment for the members, deciding drops and if no main leader was present; deal with general linkshell matters, Ex: in case drama occurs with other linkshells, they're to talk and fix this issue.

3- The Members.
Roles: Following and obeying orders from Main Leaders and Sub-Leaders, showing up to events and helping make Rise a successful, dominating linkshell. Giving support to Main Leaders and Sub-Leaders when needed. Ex: suggesting opinions and strategies, I assure you that all the leaders and sub leaders will listen to your opinion and suggestion, if you get no reply, then give it a little bit of time, that leader you're trying to reach is probably busy or AFK, as the leading role can be very hard and tiring at some points.

Eighth: CoP Wyrms and ToAU HNMs

If we had a mule at a certain camp of those HNMs, and they pop and a warning shows up in Linkshell Chat about it, you are to IMMEDIATELY leave your party/mission/whateverthehellyouredoing and get to camp with the right job and gear. That is because getting to those HNMs and winning claim is a race between linkshells.

Ninth: Linkshell Meetings

Every month, at the start, on the 1st we'll issue Linkshell Meetings, those linkshell meetings if without a special topic will bring leaders and members into a discussion of how the Linkshell is going and running, and if any member has a problem with anything in terms of the linkshell, don't be shy to ask, we, as leaders, only wish that Rise becomes your FFXI home.

Tenth: Event Times

Rise's event times are mainly going to be at GMT timezone, at usually 21:00 GMT+3, give or take an hour. However, HNM times are based on their Time of Death so that's completely random, and depending on the HNM, if it interacts with out Event time we may or may not cancel the event and head to camp.

Finally.. This is a game, we're not trying to make it to seem like work, if you have anything that might keep you away from the linkshell, notify a Sackholder, or a leader and let them know that your RL isn't helping you atm, we'll gladly permit you to stay away from the game for a bit, always keep your RL ahead of your video games.

Also note that some of these rules are subject to change when necessary.



タイムズgmt の+3:

月曜日: Einherjar 21時
火曜日: Limbus 21時
水曜日: Dynamis 21時
木曜日: Einherjar 21時
金曜日: Limbus 21時
土曜日: 無料の日
日曜日: Dynamis 21時

タイムズに HNMウィンドウにより変更することができます